Saturday, August 9, 2008

TiruNaaranan Taal June 2008

The Lord wearing a wreath of Tulasi blossoms, lives with fortune-favoured ones in Tirukkadithanam. Night and day worshipped with joy, he gives us grace and all else.
- Tiruvaimozhi 8.6.1


The Vishnu Sahasranama - Bhisma's praise of LordVishnu -glorifies the lord as Gohitaha, Gopathi, Gopta.'Gohitaha-The seed of samsara-life on earth, is sowed in this Prakritimandala. We all grow-each one according to his nature,level and position etc. The Lord prescribes certain boundaries of conduct and benefit and within these limits, He confers "Hita"- comfort-as good things, desired benefits, prosperity etc. So He is "Gohita" conferer ofcomforts to all according each one's actions. He is Gopati-the Lord of Svarga or Heaven, a place for enjoyment of one's good deeds. He is 'Gopta'- one who regulates the proper movement of the Karma chakrathewheel of action and the fruits accrued out of suchaction. To those who are caught in the samsara chakraHe gives a life of perpetuation of good and bad butfor those who desire servitude to His feet alone, Hegives bhakti-devotion of the highest order to serve Him herein this earth while in this body. Such a Lord is not residing in heaven, or in Vaikunta but here in the Divyakshetra of Tirukkadithanam-says Nammalvar. All of us belong to the family of devotees of which Nammaalvar is the chief head. We shall never becaught into the chain of karma but be blessed by grace to live here with material welfare and spiritual bliss.We, here at the STD Pathasala have well experiencedthe grace of Muddu Selva through the words ofNammalvar Himself. The presentation of the decad "OruNayagamai" with dance, drama and music accompaniedby the vyakyas (commentaries) of Poorvacharyas took all those present on the occasion to the days of Sri Ramanuja, when the great Acharya, surroundedby His scholarly disciples would eagerly watch the presentationof the Alvar saints' verses by the learnedAraiyars dance, drama in front of Namperumal, the Lord of Srirangam sweet-as-the sugarcane.The presentation of the verse from Andal's Nachiyar Tirumozhi by the young students of PadmaSeshadri Bal Bhavan School with dance drama andmusic was very touching. The scholars present on theoccasion insisted on the need for cultivating this Artin young boys along with their scholastic activities.It's true the gardener never reaps the fruit of hishardwork but the world benefits by the efforts. So alsoit's true of Sri Srirama Bharati the founder of thePathasala. His untiring efforts of have started lettingout sprouts. We hope to train more young boys topresent the divine verses of Alvar saints in as manyDivya Desams as possible as the Lord wills it.The Devagana festival is scheduled to be heldfrom 16th to 26th of June. More occasions of AraiyarSevai and presentation of the divine verses with music,mime and commentaries are to be expected at the Pathasala and other places of worship, in front of theLord for His entertainment. As Nammalvar says, "thisdecad of the thousand songs of Kurugur Satakopan,praised by musicians, devotees and poets, alike, fondly addresses the Lord of wonders, full of grace. Those who sing it will never suffer on earth." (Tiruvaimozhi1.5.10) Our Muddu Selva thus praised by the Alvar is verily the bestower of Grace and all else. We cordially invite all to participate in the functions to be celebratedon Muddu Selva's birthday-27.6.2008 and Sri SriramaBharati's birthday 28.6.2008 at the Pathasala.In tune with modern way of conducting activities,we are also happy to have Divya Prabandham music lessons through the electronic medium. Those who areinterested may please send us e-mail for learning Devaganam. Let us all be freed from want, by singing and dancing the praise of the Lord of radiant gem hue,performing yoga on a serpent bed in the deep oceanwith half closed eyes. Becoming His devotees we'll have no despair. This issue is dedicated to Sri SriramaBharati on his 59th birthday.
- Sowbhagyalakshmi